How to Create & Manage an effective Webinar

Remember those days when hosting an event was considered the biggest challenge! Renting a perfect venue, sending out invites to the speakers and attendees, hiring a catering company, and many more tasks used to be lined up. The event was considered successful only if all these tasks were executed properly and nothing went wrong on the D-Day.

Due to the increase in the corona virus outbreak and increase in cases day by day, more than three people in a room are a risk that nobody wants to take. All thanks to technology, one can experience such events by sitting at home via video conferencing tools. But, if you think planning and hosting a webinar is the same, then a five-minute read will help you understand the intricacies of it.

What is the webinar?

Hosting an online event is a whole different ballgame as compared to physical events.

“Webinar” – an amalgamation of web and seminar is a web-based workshop, lecture, seminar, or presentation hosted online using a video conferencing platform. These webinars can be either formal or informal and are extremely useful when it comes to sharing knowledge, ideas, or updates from colleagues or people around the world. You can present your newest product, share your knowledge on a specific topic, and position yourself as an expert, generate new leads and expand your network.

The main purpose of webinars or physical events is to interact with people present there, keeping the audience engaged, and sharing your content with the audience effectively. So, having all these features in a webinar software is now a necessity for your session to be smooth. Usually, the number of participants to attend a webinar is limited. The user also needs to have an account with the webinar software he/she is using. 

But there is one major advantage of using webinar software – a cost-effective solution. To organize and host a successful webinar, you don’t need much more than a list of invitees, a webcam, some scripted content that you want to share with the said audience, and a broadband connection to stream high-quality footage directly to your audience. Many professional software packages do all this right out of the box for you and are very affordable. Compared to the cost of just a plane ticket to attend an event, you could potentially host one or two webinars per month for a year using the software. Keep in mind that a single webinar has benefits that are favorably comparable to attending a convention or some other networking event.

How can you create an effective webinar?

Now that you have decided which webinar tool to be used, the next step is to have content for your webinar in place to make it effective and systematic. Here are four tips that will help you make your webinar more compelling.

1. Know what you want to talk about 

Picking a generic topic just because you want to share your knowledge and try to convey everything in a limited time will be exhausting for both you and the attendees.

So, pick a topic or area narrow enough to address points in such a way that your audience will derive some benefit. Progress in a singular direction with that topic.

2. Decide the format for your webinar

Before you create the content, you need to know the format of your webinar, whether it is going to be an interview type where you will interview an industry expert or Q&A webinar where you will be answering questions from the audience or a panel discussion with experts. Whichever your format might be, always keep in mind that you need to engage your audience.

3. Get your script ready

Rehearse what you want to say in your webinar. Have a script ready along with your presentation and videos. Know when you want to ask questions to the participants and do a poll or a survey. If you do not decide these things prior to your webinar, things might go horribly wrong and you might just end up wasting yours as well as your participants’ time.

4. Get familiar with your software

Once have your script ready, get familiar with the software. Do a dry run with your speaker and presenters if you have any, to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows about the content to be spoken. Check whether your video and audio are running properly and there is no lag.

Choose the best webinar software 

 Now choosing the best video conferencing tool becomes a challenge. This where Meet 60 comes to your rescue! Meet 60 is India’s best video conferencing tool whose user-friendly features and easy-to-use interface make it the most widely used software.

Some of the features that Meet60 provides are:

1) Book Online Webinar

You can now conduct a webinar on your mobile device as well. Share your documents, presentations with high-quality video and audio, and many more features. Some of them are:

Text chat

Engaging an audience big or small can be done in a few different ways, but one of the simplest methods is by enabling text chat.

Doing this allows your audience to ask questions related or answer questions that your audience prompt. Without being in the same room, it’s difficult to grab a presenter’s attention with a question or an answer, but text chat in webinar tools makes it possible.

And, just like your question being addressed in a traditional meeting, answering questions that your audience has builds trust and authority.


Traditionally, webinars run live so that the audience can ask the presenter questions and get answers in real-time.

Although watching a pre-recorded webinar becomes less engaging, the information being presented or discussed can be viewed by those who missed the live version, can be referred to later by your audience, or recorded with a guest who is unable to make the scheduled time. They can also be held more than once if you have an evergreen topic. 

Screen sharing

If your topic requires a demonstration, screen sharing features in Meet60 will come in handy. Viewers will be able to see exactly what actions you’re taking on your screen and follow along on their own if needed.

Screen sharing can be useful beyond demos, too. If you’re sharing a video or presentation in a non-traditional way, screen sharing is a way to show your audience what you’re seeing.

Meet60 provides you with three options of sharing your screen, first, you can share you an entire screen where all your tabs are visible to the participants, second is a specific tab and the last one is google chrome tab. These options give the user the authority over which content he/she wants to share with the participants.


If you are explaining a complex topic and want to do it live, using a whiteboard feature enables you and other hosts to take notes, illustrate ideas with drawings, or draw arrows to demonstrate a process.

Just like you would be able to do in a classroom, the whiteboard feature that some webinar software provides allows your audience to feel like they’re right there with you and gives them a clearer idea of your subject.  

Surveys and polls

Having your audience answer a question in text chat can become a little chaotic, especially when your audience is on the larger end of the scale.

Providing polls during your webinar allows you to give set options for your audience to choose, and it keeps your results organized in one place. Polls and surveys give your audience an easy way to engage with your presentation and questions in a quick and orderly manner.

Share a YouTube video

This feature allows you to copy the link of a YouTube video that you want to show your participants. By doing this, it is made sure that there is no lad or delay in the video.

Shared document

This enables any participant to open a blank document and make real-time changes/additions to it while it is visible to everyone.

Mute everyone

This option allows the host to mute all the participants to reduce chaos or distractions. The participants can, later on, unmute themselves if they have something to speak.

2) Super easy to use

   It is easy to get started and with an extremely easy interface, you can create a meeting or webinar within a few seconds. Use all the popular features like viewing every person on the call at once built in this app. 

3) Multi-Language Options

   As there will be people joining from all geographic locations, a multi-language option allows you to conduct effective meetings without any language barriers. This is the best solution for remote participation at international events, press conferences, meetings, and many more.

4) webinars are 30+ Categories

 Conduct or attend webinars on topics related to sports, administration, Ayurveda, spiritual awareness, and sessions for your schools and colleges, seamlessly using our app.

 Creating a webinar on Meet60

An extremely convenient and easy three step process for you to create a meeting!

Step 1: Generate a link for your meeting within a minute by logging in from your Google/Facebook account.

Step 2: You have to Just Enter your Meeting name here

Step 3: voila!  Meeting has been created! You can copy the link to invite the participants and/or start the meeting.

Cheers, You have created a successful webinar.

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