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Meet 60 – About Us

Webinars are becoming an increasingly popular medium of learning on account of the convenience they offer, and the number of people they address at the same time. But, with so many webinars happening around the globe, how do you keep up with the ones relevant to your business or your industry?

Of course, you can’t keep setting up calendars for every webinar that happens, or chase each one of it, leaving aside everything you have on your plate! You wish, you had an exclusive portal that consolidates information about every webinar happening around the world, and connect you with the one you want.

Meet 60 – The First of its Kind Webinar Portal

So, here’s Meet 60! Meet 60 is the first-ever portal that consolidates information about thousands of live and recorded webinars from various business domains across the world. It is an extensive platform that opens access to direct links that help you join various webinars.

Meet 60 compiles recorded, ongoing, and upcoming webinars from various business streams including digital marketing, education, social media, technology, food industry, healthcare, sales and marketing, engineering, Artificial Intelligence, politics, content writing, Ayurveda, and many-many others.

Why use Meet 60?

Meet 60 creates the opportunity for you to connect with webinars from experts all around the world, and thus leverage the benefits of a virtual learning environment.

It is a comprehensive portal that compiles information about the webinar, including details such as the speaker’s profile, a brief of the webinar topics, and the link to connect you with the webinar.

Meet 60 offers a secure payment gateway to help you pay for the session in your currency, and join it. It also records the webinar sessions. So, you can refer to the session anytime, and anywhere.

Besides, the thumbnail of the recorded session shows you viewer ratings, the number of views, the duration of the session, and whether it is a free or paid session, along with the date of posting.

One of the other user-oriented benefits of Meet 60 is that you can view the webinar in your own language. Besides English, the portal allows you to watch webinars in languages including Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Punjabi, etc.

The portal also helps you set a calendar for your webinars. So, you get a notification whenever your webinar’s around the corner. It has 24/7 customer care to ensure technical assistance to you at all times.

There’s a lot of action happening in the web world when it comes to e-learning and e-conferencing. If you wish to ensure, you don’t miss out on the one relevant for you, register with Meet 60.

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